Dr Ben Sachs

Monday, February 1 2016 at 7:00PM

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14-18 Perth Rd, Dundee, Angus DD1 4LN

Dr Ben Sachs

What's the talk about?

As far as the legal status of sentient animals is concerned, the status quo is simple: they have none.  As a result, millions of animals are condemned to short, miserable lives in factory farms and research laboratories.

The reformers believe that this should should be overturned. They hold that sentient animals should be given legal personhood, which would give them the means to have their confinement challenged in court. While this may seem far-fetched, a justice of the Supreme Court of the state of New York recently agreed: she granted an order to show cause (akin to a writ of habeas corpus), in the case of chimpanzees Hercules and Leo, who were being kept as pets.

Ben Sachs is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of St. Andrews. He will join us to discuss whether sentient animals should have some sort of legal status. Hint: He believes that both the reformers and the defenders of the status quo are mistaken!