Tracey Jolliffe

Monday, October 5 2015 at 7:00PM

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14-18 Perth Rd, Dundee, Angus DD1 4LN

Tracey Jolliffe

What's the talk about?

Bats: Creepy as heck? Or cute and cuddly? Come along and be amazed by all of the wonderful things there are to know about these elusive creatures. There will even be real bats in attendance, so you can get a close up peek!

Tracey Jolliffe is a microbiologist working in the NHS and an Edinburgh Skeptics regular . When we asked her to describe herself, she said:

Outside of work, my life (and home) is filled with bats. I am an official, card carrying, slightly fanatical, bat lady. My spare room houses a bat hospital, to which I admit sick and injured bats from across Scotland. I often take poorly bats everywhere with me in order to feed and medicate them, and so as not to alarm my colleagues and friends, will have them hidden about my person. 
I would dearly like to live in a world where people are kind to each other, rudeness doesn’t exist, and I can wear black without it getting covered in cat hair. My hobbies include housework and washing the car, but sadly I’m usually too busy with reading and baking cakes to spend much time on them. I like to go to the gym three times a week, but have missed the last 673 times.

The talk will start just after 7pm, and will be followed by a Q&A and bat-viewing!

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